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Jingle Music- Your centralized tool for brand promotion!

A face to your brand, an advertising tool for the company, is what Jingle Music is in a nutshell. Jingles are music audios presenting the idea of your business in short and sweet melodies, attracting the customers to bring in more business. Having Business Jingles associated with your brand will deliver more impactful and long-lasting recognition. OOKA Radio curates the well-suited jingle music which is your brand-centric to drive in more engagement and potential customers. OOKA Radio being a Jingle Creator finds the experience of curating Jingle Music highly rewarding, keeping into consideration its consequence of taking brand promotion to a higher level.  More to it Business Jingles are not just the best brand promoting tool, but also a great choice in maintaining the consistency of brand image for companies and organizations. Let OOKA Radio be the devisor for the voice of your brand!

Our Services for Business Jingle

Festive Jingle- Bring in the merriment of Christmas or the patriotism of Independence Day with the Festive Jingle Music from OOKA Radio. Get the personalized Business Jingles with an added festive note to it along with your brand promotion, to make your customers connect with you. We believe in getting you a strong connection with the customers.

Over Jingle Discount- Showcase your best deals and offers to the customers with OOKA Radio being your Jingle Creator. We keep the Jingle Music centric to the offers and deals of your brand, to make them prove as a boon in promoting your business and brand. OOKA Radio delivers the Business Jingles which have a high and long-lasting impact on the customers.

Branding Jingle- OOKA Radio creates the branding jingles in a way that if the customers close their eyes, the tune of your brand starts to revisit in their minds. Your Business Jingles will make your brand stand out amongst your competitors with a reliable engagement of potential customers. We put in every beat and tune of Jingle Music that lifts up the brand’s spirits in the eyes of the customers.

Informative Jingle- Choosing the right type of Jingle Music for your brand stand crucial because if it is not serving the purpose, the efforts turn futile. OOKA Radio, serving the best of being a Jingle Creator, devises the Business Jingles that convey specific information and details about your brand. A sure shot way to deliver the relevancy of your business to the customers is Informative Jingles.

Voice Notes- Voices of Jingle Music need to be pleasing to the ears and should be chosen with the thought of cementing the recollect of your brand in the customer’s memory for a long time. We, the Jingle Creator take care of delivering the same for your brand promotion through Business Jingles. Get your brand voice covered with us now!

Signature Voice Tunes- The idea of a tune to always strike the mind, no matter how many times it is heard, applies to the Signature Voice Tunes as well. OOKA Radio creates the signature tune.

Jingle Music- which lets the customers associate with your brand. We deliver the signature jingle which will relate your image with the thought, advancement, or the idea of your business.

Festive Jingle

Over Jingle-Discount

Branding Jingle

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