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Who we are . . .

We are an establishment of Instore music management, creating personalized store background music, and providing Instore radio to bring back the high spirits of radio from the yesteryears. We as a team encompass highly zealous and professional music creators and lovers, working dedicatedly to deliver unique beat and tune for every aspect. A reliable brand for background music for shop, and a hub of music creation, is how we like to address ourselves. We come with a perk of handing over non royalty music to make your brand touch the skies by our Instore radio. We bring out the soulful energy of music in your own radio.

The omnipresence of in store radio..

We are bringing in the contemporary move of celebrating the freedom to listen to the radio anytime, anywhere across the globe. We have our Instore radio for every retail store, hotels, shopping malls and corporate offices while giving round the clock availability of your own radio. With our version of cloud-based system for Instore music, you can access it, being in any place and at your comfort. Music just like its presence does not bar any aspect, truly omnipresent!

What we do. . . 

We differentiate! Yes, we make your establishment stand out in the crowd by creating customized Instore music to let your company give out a competitive edge. Our inclusions have adverts, promos, and audio idents in creating a personalized store background music, in the entirety. With having a bank of 3, 00,000 plus musical tracks, our in store radio network will boost your sales by delivering the crucially contemplated background music for shop. We have a checklist of prerequisites to be offered like:

  • Different mood map genres for different hours of the day
  • Our library refreshes in every 10 days, automatically
  • We create jingles, festive announcements/capsules/offer announcements

What we have . . .

We come with a compatible pair of both Copyright and Non Royalty music for Instore radio with a sumptuous number of 3, 00,000 plus tracks in our music hub. Our way of engaging the customers is to be consistent in delivering the personalized content for store background music and put in the forward foot of promoting your brand name and offers along with our passionate team holding expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and delivering the daily basis content.

  • No requirement of 24*7 internet or FTP
  • Advanced cloud technology usage
  • No other license required except for OOKA
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Our shelve of services

InStore Music

We have on the table, the best brand promoting tool for you. We deliver customized music for Instore radio serving as a boon in educating the customers your brand idea and offers.

Jingle Promotion

Catchy, engaging, and memorable are the adjectives for jingles. We offer the creation and customization of a well-crafted and impactful jingle, delivering the idea of your brand promotion through store background music.

Music Promotion

Get your own music promoted with us and have the best brand and music promotion for a company or also an individual. We are a platform to showcase your own music to the world.

In Store Advertisement

 We create personalized in-store music to indulge in a unique and creative way of in-store advertisement for your brand idea. Having customized music for the store brings in more engaging customers.

Copyright Music

We offer the delivery of copyright music, specially devised for your brand and idea and having the license to be accessed only by you.Our zealous team works in creating every beat and tune which is unique for you.



Non-Copyright Music

The hub of talent that the unsigned and emerging artist possess is in high demand in the prevailing scenario of non-copyright music and the tasks of choosing, producing, sourcing, and curating are all taken care of by OOKA Radio, with the investment of time and belief.

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