non copyright music

Welcome to the world of non-copyright music!

Bringing in the backbone for the upcoming artists to enjoy the perks of background music and be a celebrity OOKA Radio is striving on the non royalty music delivered by the fresh artists by saving their money, but not compromising with the quality of music.

OOKA Radio has always believed in revolutionizing the talent of freshly brewed music by the upcoming artists and has extensively invested in the Independent music, the supply of arrangements, curating the playlists with customized music and catalogues suiting the genre of retail business and hospitality sector. The growth rate of non copyright songs has seen a huge escalation in recent years, also known as the license-free music has proved its compatibility with the retail industry. The artists who are emerging in this field are experiencing high front-end exposure from the commercial radio channels and not just the hospitality and retail sectors.

The hub of talent which the unsigned and emerging artist possess is in high demand in the prevailing scenario of non copyright music. And the tasks of choosing, producing, sourcing, and curating is all taken care of by the OOKA Radio, with the investment of time and belief. OOKA Radio will deliver you with the largest online platform for non royalty music and give you a chance to be a celebrity.

Perks of Non Royalty Music

Save your money – Getting the commercialized licensing for Independent music can be a little hard on your pocket. With OOKA Radio, you are delivered with yearly based commercials despite the size of your store for customized music.

Get the hands-on fresh music – The non copyright songs and non royalty music produced by the unsigned artists is unique and fresh in every form and will make your customers devoid of the repetitive monotony of the same playlist.

How non royalty music can be beneficial for small scale businesses and freelance video producers?

The two steps of seeking permission are to use the customized music, and the next one to remit those royalties becomes a hectic task when choosing the royalty music. However, in the case of Independent music, the copyrighted music can be used without the need to pay for the royalties. The small scale business and freelance video producers, can stick to their budget and use the copyrighted music to promote their brand and be a celebrity.

Enjoy the wide variety of non royalty music with OOKA Radio

The mixed bag of Independent music is filled with fresh music by the upcoming artists wanting to be a celebrity, which leads to delivering of diverse choices of non copyright music to choose from. More to it, the non copyright songs are one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising and promoting our brand ideology best deals. The easy to source music along with being legal is presented by OOKA Radio to help our clients enjoy the perks of reasonable advertising with non royalty music. Team up with the dedicated team of OOKA Radio and get your brand promotion and advertising to a level with customized music, where there ain’t a stopping!

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