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Retail Radio for the voice of your brand

Retail Radio and advertising go hand in hand!

Welcome to OOKA’S Retail Radio - The sound of your business

Create an impact which drives your customers to have you as their permanent choice with Radio for Retail Store

OOKA Radio is here with the voice of your business by presenting you with the Retail Radio. We devise a personalized Radio for Retail Store to help our clients gain more potential customers. The impact of music in stores has proven to get more engagement and customer’s attention, leading to a considerable hike in the sales. Our team is well-versed in delivering the best-suited services as per the client’s need, and hold expertise in the field of creating and developing music for Retail Radio. The music for retail store presents a great audio ambience while delivering promotional messages, jingles about the offers and best deals. Start your journey of giving voices to your business with OOKA’s Retail Radio!

Why choose Radio for Retail Store?

Promotion of the product – Having a Retail Radio at the store has proven to bring in more sales and is a boon in promoting your specific product. OOKA Radio delivers the music for retail store comprising of the specifications, which will attract the customers to dig in and purchase the product, and make them interested in buying more.

Brand Association – The most crucial part is carrying a brand name, which is the reflection of your image. We design the custom radio to help you get reliable brand associations and take the name to the zenith of advertising. OOKA Radio works to make your brand stand out in the crowd of your competitors.

Sanity of the staff – No doubts to it, that music creates a positive ambience to work and keeps the mind sane, which in turn delivers fruitful results. With OOKA’s music for retail store, your staff will remain motivated to work without succumbing to the monotony. Keep your staff refreshed with the music which is not repetitive with your custom radio.

Personalized Music – The team at OOKA Radio strives to deliver the finest beats and tunes curated specially for your brand, and which represents the idea of your business to the customers in an interactive manner. We take time to understand what our clients are expecting, and work accordingly to present them with a Retail Radio that speaks their language!

Licensing of the music – OOKA Radio not only take cares of your brand promotion staff sanity, and product promotion, but also takes the charge of licensing the music for retail store. The entire playlist of the Retail Radio is covered with the license so that you do not have to face any hassle when getting the music curated for your store by us.

Automatic refreshing of the library – The playlist in the library of OOKA’s Radio for Retail Store refreshes itself every 10 days, cutting down the monotony of repetitive music for retail store. The curation of music is done by keeping into consideration every aspect of the business, be it a promotion, association, or positive ambience.

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