December 2019

4 Fidgets Of Why In-Store Radio Will Boost Your Business
Even the little changes are enough to get you the potential customers for your stores.  The customers are apprehensive about the smallest modifications that are done in enhancing the in-store [...]
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It Is All About Music At OOKA Radio By Amit Chawla
Do I listen to RADIO every day? Yes, I do! And if you are wondering do a lot of people listen to the radio still? Then, you may be surprised [...]
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Making your retail store a sureshot success in the age of e-commerce.
Let’s admit it, since the internet has picked up, offline has taken a backseat. Whether it is booking flight tickets or shopping, most people prefer to do it online. Today, [...]
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5 Ways to increase the purchase ticket size of the customers.
Purchase Ticket Size is an important metric to look for in retail business. Also known as average ticket, it is calculated by dividing the total sales by number of bills. [...]
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