Jingles – Your secret weapon

From tip-to-toe for almost every product, growing up everyone has had their share of acquaintance with jingles. And, some of them might still be so fresh in the memories that may be, right now you are remembered of one. Jingle Creators keep the idea of long-lasting effects in mind while creating the Business Jingles. Jingles still have the power to overpower the customers’ senses and make them buy the product and this is the reason why multiple retail stores are playing jingles in their Instore Radio. And, now jingles are being used widely to promote the brands and reach out to the targeted audience of the business. Here’s how jingles can prove to be your secret weapon.

The catchy jingles get stuck in the memory

When jingles are written, they are made to be catchy and easy to remember, like till date we remember the nursery rhymes taught to us. And, Business Jingles are derived in a way that they stuck in the customers’ head when they hear it in the store, and when the jingles circulate in the head, the customers will be ought to try the product and will end up buying it. This will also, lead your brand to be on the consumer’s top list now and in the near future as well.

The function of repetition

Remember the times when the same jingles used to be played on the radio and are stuck in the minds to date. Jingle Creator uses this technique to create jingles that have the effect which is long-lasting and can pop-up at random times in your consumer’s memory. Generally, the jingles that are short tend to be more remembering and also the frequency of the ingles played should also be taken into consideration. The rhythmic pattern helps the brain to encode information easily.

The cost-effective aspect of jingles

In comparison to the other marketing and advertising forms, jingles are the most cost-effective form. You will not have to pay for multiple advertisements and you can make the frequency vary depending on how you want to promote your business through Instore Radio. Also, Jingles are not very costly to generate and produce. So, when advertising is cost-effective, you can easily go with it to promote your brand.

Get OOKA Radio to be the Jingle Creator for your brand, and have the best Business Jingles to play on your Instore Radio, because music is what stays for the longest time in the memory.


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