How is in-store radio beneficial?

From moody lighting to creative furniture, there are many ways to improve the “visual experience” of people in the store.  But is it enough? Not really. There are many other ways in which stores make customer experience better within the store. One of them is through sound.  Some stores choose to play background music from a pendrive, Youtube or  tune into a public radio. But they are not the “best ways“ to influence via sound because they have their own shortcomings (which we will discuss in the article)  The best way to make customer experience better through sound is by setting up your own “instore radio”

An “In-store Radio” acts as your private branded radio and allows custom content delivery.

Which means, with an in-store radio, retail stores get the power to provide a better experience through sound.  But that’s not all, having an in-store radio is beneficial in many ways.  Let’s talk about how an in-store radio can help. 

Increased Customer Dwell Time

A 2010 research by JBRMR clearly demonstrates that respondents spent more time store when music was playing in the background compared to a silent scenario Now you could play background music on Youtube too, but it won’t be effective like having an In-store radio. And it could also get you into legal trouble. With an instore radio, you can do a lot of customization. You can play songs according to the weather, according to the rush in the store and according to the time. In short, you can create the right type of atmosphere to influence your customer behaviour at any given time. Broekemier, Greg, Ray Marquardt and James W. Gentry in (2006) conducted a research and found that happy music significantly increased the stimuli to shop.  All of which will help in increase the dwell time of the customers and result in higher sales volume.  Safety against advertising your rival

Having your own branded  radio also keeps you safe against advertising your competitors. The risk of advertising your rivals comes if you choose to play public radio or YouTube within the store.  Public radios in general are filled with advertisement. And there are high chances of your competitor’s Ad being blasted over the speakers in your store.  

Imagine your customers walking out after hearing the offer your competing brands are offering.  You won’t want it to happen, isn’t it? So if you own or manage a store, playing a public radio should be the last thing on your mind.  They are also considered noise pollution by customers because they don’t blend with the environment of the store well. 

Promoting your own offers, the way you want

In-store radios are great for doing your own audio advertising in stores. Are you running an offer that you want people to know about? No problem. You can quickly set up and Audio Ad which can be played within the store.  Be it a festive sale, end of season sale or any other offer, you can choose what to advertise to your customers.  Bring traction to your offers and loyalty programs becomes easy when you have an Instore radio.  And your advertisement doesn’t have to be boring too. You can advertise in the form of jingles, poetry and songs when you have an In-store radio. 

Increasing your brand awareness

The most important purpose of an In-store radio is to increase brand awareness. By playing your jingles and taglines periodically, you can plant your brand in the minds of people.  Supermarkets like Big Bazaar, Restaurant chains like Starbucks & Dominos also use In-store radio to increase brand awareness. They play their own jingles, taglines and audio advertisements to make room for their brand in people’s mind. With your own have an in-store radio, increasing brand awareness is really that simple.

Playing legal Music

Playing music straight from the DVD is acceptable for personal use, but commercially it can get you into legal trouble. For playing music legally into a commercial store, you need licensed music.  And we’re here to provide you with that.  At Ooka Radio, we can set up an In-store radio for your store where you can play music legally. 

Get in touch now.

Diversified Music

With an In-store radio, you won’t have to remain on the mercy of public radio platforms.You can customize playlists according to the local taste of people. Different stores can play different playlists according to the demographics.  Like we said earlier, the music playing inside the store have a huge impact on the customers. It increases dwell time and sales numbers. And so, it is important that the music meshes well with the store’s image.  In-store radio is great for this purpose because it allows ample of customization. Public Radios and DVDs have their own limitations. 

Providing a seamless experience

If you have run multiple stores, then having an In-store radio should be your first priority. Why? To provide a seamless experience to your customers.  Whenever people enter any of your store, they should immediately know that it’s yours. Visually and audibly.  With the help of an In-store radio, you can choose your brand tone. It helps in providing a consistent audible experience to your customers in whichever store they go. Having a brand tone is a great way to uplift in-store experience of your customers. 

A brand tone is like a logo. If people can easily recognize you with your logo, they should be able to identify you with the sounds as well.  And there’s nothing better than an instore radio to make people familiar with your brand’s signature tone.  Now it’s your turn.

So now you know how beneficial having an In-store radio is. It can keep people in your store for longer, help you in promoting your offers and many other things. To sum up, having an In-store radio is a must if you’re serious about your business.  Do you want to get your own branded radio for your store? Ooka Radio is here for you. Choose from monthly or yearly plan and get started with your own branded radio today. 

We have equipped 3000+ outlets with In-store radio in 380+ cities in 22 states. Our music bank has 3 lacs+ non copyright songs.  Contact Now!

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