The introduction to scheduling

Are you also wondering about the scheduling aspect when you think about playing the store background music? If yes then you will get your rebuttal here.  The point that arises is whether scheduling is an important factor or not and the answer for his will always be affirmed. Scheduling is basically a step to refine and fine-tune the customer experience through your own radio in the store. And, you will need to figure out what segment of customers are you catering through the business and at what time. Your non copyright music should be devised according to the segment and expectations of the customers.

The aspects

The timing of the store background music plays a vital role that whether you want to play a specific kind of music for a certain time or for the same music for the entire day. For instance, some businesses play music with a high tempo to get the staff in the right mode of working and lower the tempo of the music later to make the guests stay in the store. And, scheduling is the feature which lets you tailor the music according to the needs of the business.

Have enough music so that you can avoid repetition

Of course, you wouldn’t want the music playing on your own radio to bore your staff and the customers coming to your store. Keep a good number of songs or jingles in your playlist so that you can schedule the playing music as per the mood and need of the store. And, once you are comfortable with the soundtracks, you can try the new one as well.

The customization is a must

When you are scheduling your non copyright music, you can add some generic soundtracks to break the monotony and some focused soundtracks once or twice in the same time slot. When you have the customized music in your playlist, you can make your customers listen to the messages and deals that you want to convey to boost the sales.

Plan ahead of time

For any special occasions, festivals, or events, do the scheduling of music beforehand because this will let you save your time and chaos when you will be busy handling the other crucial necessities of making the occasion special for your staff and customers.

Get OOKA Radio services for store background music and have the best customized and non copyright music devised especially for your store. With a diverse playlist for your own radio, get the required boost in the sales by driving in more number of customers to the store.


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