How Radio Advertising Jingles Have Stood The Test Of Time

It may come as a surprise to many that despite the vast changes in technology in the field of advertisement a significant role is still played by a small audio clip of jingles. Usually, less than 60 seconds long the advertisement jingle helps enormously in the distinction of a brand. A message disguised in the form of a melody to which we nod our head or sway a little is simply a brilliant way to develop the name of a brand. The employment of in store radio is a catchy way to attract customers in a shop or store. Introduced in the twentieth-century jingles have traveled a far distance and have only been reinvented time and again accommodating modern technology while staying true to its spirit. Let’s have a look at how jingles have stood the test of time.

Utilizes The Basic Sense Of Humans

A person may fail to see in the dark or while his eyes are shut. However, whether it’s dark or the eyes are shut it does not matter with the case of jingles. The brain easily processes the sound, producing the unique identity of a brand that is utilizing jingles for the advertisement.

Lovely To Hear And Easy To Remember

A catchy jingle works wonder in the mind of the clientele. All of us love to hum a catchy tone now and then. An advertisement jingle stays in the heart and brain of the clientele for long and several loves to hum them. Hence it leads to creating the name of a brand in the market.

Short And Crisp In Nature

The jingles used for advertisement of a product or a brand is usually less than 60 seconds long. Sometimes only being fifteen to thirty seconds of length. It adds an element of mystery in the tune making it short and crispy. It’s the element of mystery that makes the audience to hum and try completing it now and then.

Effective In Cost Cutting

Creating an audiovisual advertisement for a brand requires a huge investment. Furthermore, investment is needed in promoting the commercial ad which may last for a year or two, beyond which it usually becomes boring and dull. While an advertisement jingle comes at a much lower price and involves fewer costs in distribution. The tunes remain fresh and can be easily modified keeping the current taste of the shoppers and the market. offers catchy jingles at a reasonable price to upgrade and grow your business effectively.

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