Ways in which in store music affects the shopping experience

Music has been ever since the time of lullabies to war chats, from raps to soulful classics, it has always been there for a purpose in human life. And, by each passing day, the music has evolved, but its influence stays constant. Talking about psychology, music too plays a vital role in influencing human psychology. In today’s world retailers through their in store music, has made a mark on the shopper’s attitude, which in turn has to the escalation in the sales. In store music has also been a boon in keeping the sanity of mind of the staffs intact as it keeps them refreshed with the music played in the background.

The science factor

The scientific results show that if the in store music targets the brain areas that release stress-response chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol and the ones that release happy hormones like oxytocin then, causes the shoppers to act and take decisions differently. In store music attracts people’s attention towards the information being given through it and makes them think accordingly.

The effect on the waiting time

People who tend to listen to good music while waiting in the queue or even talking to the associates have given a positive response about their experience.  In store music does the same, it makes the waiting time also go by with the music that changes its tempo, frequency, and pitch. Thus, the customers do get frustrated while waiting in your store.

In store music sets a purpose

The type of in store music being played in your store can change the way the customer thinks about the social environment of the store. The in store music makes the customers feel more confident in their shopping choices. The engagement of pleasurable and emotional centres of the brain by the in store radio can make the customers feel positive about their experience at your store, in the entirety.

The genre of music affects the shopping decisions

It is devised by the surveys that playing in store music which is specific to the genres of the store have led to the rise in the sales of the store. So, it becomes important to be specific when you are choosing the genre for you in store music.

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