How Retailer Can Augment Their Sales through Retail Music

In retailing, music can mint money. And especially in the post-COVID-19 era, retail music or retail radio is likely to play a huge role in business growth.

Various research studies conducted on this matter over the years have revealed an interesting trend. Playing music in the background at retail stores had positive effects in the minds of the customers prompting them to buy, wait, and explore more at these stores.

Retail shop owners can offer a reinvigorating customer service experience to visitors by playing theme-based music jingles or songs. Overall, it enhances brand loyalty and goodwill of the firm in the eyes of customers and visitors.

Can I Play Any Music in My Retail Store?

Playing Bollywood or Hollywood songs or even FM radio is not right for commercial establishments like retail shops or showrooms. Only music distribution companies have the right to play these songs or music videos. People, however, can normally play them at home or parties for recreational and entertainment purposes only.

You can’t play these songs at your retail stores. It’s unethical and illegal. In fact, it may invite a lot of legal troubles for you apart from paying a humongous amount of money in the form of compensation to the artist or music Distribution Company.

That is the reason why there’s a growing trend in the retail industry to play a licensed song and in-store tunes as background music. Whether you are a hotelier or an apparel shop owner—you must have the license to play any songs at your premise.

What’s the Way Forward?

You need to subscribe to retail radio or in-store music. Apart from offering you with refreshing songs and enticing music tunes with a full license, an In-store music management company will also help you promote your brand through customized jingles.

In the case of FM channels, there’s a high chance that your customer may run away if they overheard any enticing offer that your competitor is advertising on Air.

How Retailer Can Augment Their Sales through Retail Music

What separates the concept of retail radio from regular FM radio is the grip over the content. In FM Radio, you have no control over the advertisements and content. But, in retail radio, you are the boss. You know when to play your jingles, and what genre of songs you should play at a specific time.

Benefits of Retail Radio at a Glance

● Play licensed-free music 24*7 at your retail showrooms

● Promote your brand using customized jingles highlighting your latest offers and discounts up for grabs.

● No legal or copyright-related issues can trouble you anymore.

● Enhance your sales prospect by playing the right songs at the right time.

● Auto refreshment of song playlist after every 7–10 days.

● Get a chance to listen to the soothing voice of new artists and their wonderful voice.

● Welcome your guests with outstanding music to freshen up their mind.

The Irrefutable Relationship Between Music and Retailing

● As in 2020, more than 80% of consumers like listening to background music at a shop, or showroom cheering them up.

● Around 83% of organizations, especially those catering to the hospitality, fashion, and retail sector, feel background music as a necessary activity to enhance their customer service experience. This, in turn, helps them to multiply their ROIs.

● Consumers are 24% more pumped up to buy from a shop that plays innovative and refreshing tunes in the background.

● Background Music always helps a retail store in building a long-lasting relationship with its customers.

● In-store music creates a brand tone of the shop or establishment. Brand Channel opined that 96% of these brands are more likely to be recalled by consumers opting to buy similar products.

How Retailer Can Augment Their Sales through Retail Music

● The research study conducted by HUI concluded that playing retail music in stores is likely to boost up sales by 9% per year.

● Mindlab Study and Music Works analyzed the close relationship between music and productivity at a retail establishment. It was found that staff productivity improved to 81% by playing music.

How to Subscribe to Retail Radio System

If you want to take your retail shop to a new level offering exceptional customer serving experience to visitors, switch to retail music.

We, at Ooka Radio, provide our clients with a music library having thousands of new songs and fresh tunes. We regularly refresh our library adding new tunes to it. We also create customized jingles and do in-store marketing to publicize our clients and their brand.

How Retailer Can Augment Their Sales through Retail Music

In-store music connects listeners instantly to high-quality music and innovative voices from artists representing various music genres starting from hip-hop to classics and contemporary. You can directly tap the Contact Us link to know more about our subscription system and how it can help you grow your business!

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