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Amit Chawla, CEO at Ooka Radio
Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business? Amit Chawla: Thinking out of Box & always in glance to search new innovative ideas encouraged to [...]
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Ooka Radio Now Present in 5600 Retail Stores in India
Ooka Radio, a leading in-store radio management company has achieved a special feat of 5600 retail stores in a span of just 2-3 years. New stores have opened up in [...]
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The man who dared to give music another expression: OOKA
Music is an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone sees it as a hobby, passion, talent, career or a soul companion. Very few see music as a medium to [...]
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Making your retail store a sureshot success in the age of e-commerce.
Let’s admit it, since the internet has picked up, offline has taken a backseat. Whether it is booking flight tickets or shopping, most people prefer to do it online. Today, [...]
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5 Ways to increase the purchase ticket size of the customers.
Purchase Ticket Size is an important metric to look for in retail business. Also known as average ticket, it is calculated by dividing the total sales by number of bills. [...]
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How is in-store radio beneficial?
From moody lighting to creative furniture, there are many ways to improve the “visual experience” of people in the store.  But is it enough? Not really. There are many other [...]
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