How In-Store Music Affects the Retail Customer for purchasing?

Should I use music for growing my business or should I just skip it? The answer to this question is music should be one of the crucial aspects in promoting the sales of your store because even the research proves that the store music has the qualities which can escalate the buying behavior of the customers. And, the three main qualities required for the music of the radio for retail store that is known to affect the mood of the customers are the tempo, volume, and genre. The research talks about how music can affect/modify/alter the feeling of contentment, happiness, and dominance. Also,  make sure that the music being used in the instore radio used is non copyright music to avoid any legal settlements afterward.


Now, this goes without explanation that knowing the perfect genre of music suiting your radio for retail store holds the utmost importance. You should be fully aware of the audience that your business is targeting and the genre that will affect the particular type of audience in a positive manner. For instance, if yours is a wine store, playing classical music will lead to more money being spent by the customers. And, ultimately one needs to understand how different music genres affect different sections of the audience in an entirely different manner. Sit with your marketing team and analyze which music genre is going to bring in more sales by keeping the selection centric to the audience that is targeted.


What effect does the tempo of the music have on the buying behavior of the customers? There were two contexts derived after the research on how the tempo of the music affects the behavior of customers was carried out. One being that it led to a significant increase in the time spent by the customers in the store and the second being that a good percent of the increase in the product sale was observed. You should always learn about the pros and cons of both fast and slow music, and then decide how you are going to devise the best-suited Instore music for your retail store.


The loudness of the music is one of the vital aspects when it comes to listing the factors that cause the customers to spend more time in the store. And, going by the research if the music was loud, it led to less time spent by the customers in the store and if the music was soft it kept the customers in the store for a longer time. When you are using non copyright music for your store, it is possible to get it customized accordingly along with keeping into consideration the three aspects of volume, tempo, and genre.

With OOKA Radio, you can have the assurity of having the non copyright music for your store which will be customized as per the needs and requirements of the radio for retail store. And, being the leading establishment for creating the customized promotional store music, it is our responsibility to give you only the best services in terms of devising the instore music.

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