Making your retail store a sureshot success in the age of e-commerce.

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Let’s admit it, since the internet has picked up, offline has taken a backseat. Whether it is booking flight tickets or shopping, most people prefer to do it online. Today, we are living in an age where e-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. The reasons for the growth of e-commerce are obvious – low cost of operations and convenience for buyers. On one hand we have e-commerce business which is a growing force in today’s time. And on the other we have retailing business which is said to be dead. But is that true? Frankly speaking, it’s not true. Ecommerce business is a growing force, that’s for sure, but retail business is not dead yet.

The fact is that the retail industry is undergoing a rapid transformation.

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Today, running a retail business is more than just opening a store, putting banners across the city and expecting buyers. Running a successful retail business in today’s world requires smart marketing techniques and best use of resources. And in this article, we’re going to tell you a few ways in which retail businesses can be successful in the age of ecommerce.

But first, let us tell you that, “ All consumer business success lies in making the customer experience better”

Whether it is an ecommerce business or retail, making the customer experience better is the key to success. E Commerce companies are going head over heels to make customer experience better and that’s why they’re attracting buyers. So we decided to tell you how retail business can make customer experiences better. Let’s begin.

Organize Year Round Events at your store.

 Have you noticed how interactive e-commerce websites and apps are these days? Amazon hosts a quiz on it’s app every morning where people are asked GK questions. There are a lot of users that open Amazon app everyday to play these quizzes because:

  • These quizzes increase their general awareness
  • There’s hope for winning free products.

Not everyone wins, but what’s worth nothing is that Amazon has succeeded in making thousands and lakhs of people visit their app every morning. And when thousands of people open Amazon app every morning, hundreds of them will buy something or the other. Isn’t it?

Similarly, if you’re a retail store music owner, come up with year round events to gather people at your store.

For example, make up store owners can organize makeup tutorial classes every month.

– Stationary and art supplies stores can organize monthly painting/origami competitions and invite kids to take part.

Think of what you can do to make people gather at your store every once in a while. It’s all about, “Creating a community of people around what you sell and keep them engaged”

When people have a reason to visit your store, they will consider purchasing from you rather than shopping online.


Making the best use of customer’s instore time.

 “The best time to influence people to buy more or to visit your store again is when they’re inside your store.”

So let us tell you about a few ways to influence people when they’re in your store:

Go an extra mile to provide service.

A big reason why people choose e-commerce store over retailers is because of the services e-commerce store provides. From cashback to gift wrapping products, e-commerce stores are providing a lot of services these days. And retail store music owners have to do the same things. They need to go the extra mile in providing customers with services. It may cost a bit more but isn’t it worth it if your extra service makes the buyer a regular visitor at your store?

Here an example of what retail store owners can do:

Offer DoorStep Delivery.

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Set a minimum shipping amount at the store (just like the e-commerce websites do) and when buyers shop for that amount, offer them free delivery. Note that not every buyer will want to get their goods delivered at home, but offering such a service can make people feel relieved. Especially if the retail store deals in large items like electronics. Once they know that there’s a store in their city which offers doorstep delivery, there are chances that they will shop from the store.

Why? Because shopping from a store gives them the power to check the product before buying. Retail shopping is an intimate experience when compared to online shopping. Just telling people that you can shop an leave your purchase here, we’ll get it delivered to your house can make a great impression. Delivering goods at doorstep is just one idea, think of more ways in which you can go the extra mile. We’re sure there’s something in your mind which you have always wanted to execute.

Get a branded in-store radio.

Does your retail store has its own branded radio? If not, then you’re missing out on sales. In-store Radio is a great tool for amplifying offers to the people within the store. Sales, Discounts and Offers can be promoted in creative ways with the help of an In-store radio. People may miss seeing a banner Ad, but it’s hard for people to resist hearing your creative jingles and advertising.

The promotion ideas we talked about earlier (organizing year round events/competitions) and offering free delivery, they all need amplification. The more you can tell people about them, the more traction your ideas will get. Therefore, using an instore radio is a must for retail success in the age of ecommerce.

But the role of an In-store radio doesn’t end there. With an in-store radio, you can create your own playlist of songs. You can choose music according to the crowd inside the store and the weather outside. Studies show that playing music is a subtle but powerful strategy to keep people inside your store for a longer period of time.

So implement the ideas we have discussed in this article and build a community. We’re sure that your retail store will find great success.

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