The man who dared to give music another expression: OOKA

Music is an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone sees it as a hobby, passion, talent, career or a soul companion. Very few see music as a medium to spread happiness of material world and to inspire everyone and encourage especially the talented youth of today. This is the story of marketing professional who in the second innings of his life saw a rare spark, followed it and now is leading it to its destiny to become a shining start. A start up which knocked the doors of profits in 2 years only with a vision to become a largest & biggest platform of captive audience.

Meet the man behind

Amit Chawla and his brainchildren OOKA Radio have totally redefined the segment called internet radio service for the retail market. In a span of only two years OOKA has grown from ground zero to more than 5000+ retail stores strong in 373 cities in the country in span of 2 years & following a dream of 25,000 retail outlets in 2022 . For Amit pursuing his love for music as a commercial venture in the realm of marketing is all about “The world of retail is highly competitive and extremely sensitive to external circumstances. Over the years, our next door retailer has suffered more than he can bear. OOKA Radio is a friend who understands him and will leave no stone unturned to bring back smile and customers to him in innovative and creative ways.”

The magical world of background music and beyond

The world of OOKA is growing every moment & bringing the musical life to a retail store in form of customized music schedules to airing in-store announcements to festival jingles is one bright side. A new zeal to make Retail outlets more competitive & well entertainer for customers with internet. The other brighter side is to promote young musical talent on this unique platform of unbelievable captive audience. The amazing young artists are feeling more than inspired to reach out to millions at a very nominal cost.

The 100 million captive audience club

The in-store music universe of OOKA is indeed emerging as one of the biggest platform of captive audience & we are on a mission to make it more than 100 million audience by 2022.A vision to make new media platform for Advertisements…Brand Promotions…new product introduction & a marketer can reach without making forced effort. According to Amit “OOKA is a thinking. It is growing and evolving just like us. We are introducing storytelling sessions and stand up comedy capsules too further keep the customer happier at the store.”

The B2B friend, philosopher and guide

“Being into hardcore marketing and sales and interacting with retailers and businessmen at the grass root level and at the highest echelons, one thing became very clear to me, B2B segment needs a friend who understands it, complements it and inspires it to grow beyond conventions without any fear or apprehension or doubt.” Its new india …& new thoughts to make it new ….wants to bring the change in music pattern …reach ….introducing new febrivation of revenue through music ….a new business for B2B …with big revenue…wants to reach at every Retail to give a piece of earning back which never happens since decade…Amit Chawla echoes from his heart.

OOKA: India ka in-store radio

India…yes OOKA is aiming to become India’s premier music trendsetter in unimaginable ways. Creating jingles in all Indian languages and access to unlimited copyright free background music tracks in all genres and syncing all elements with daily technological updates and value additions is swiftly making OOKA India ka brand.

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