With Innovation in Technology, Audio Marketing is The Need of The Hour

As humanity, we have constantly added “convenience” to our lives with technology. 40 years back we listened to music on bulky record players, but today we can stream it on our devices. (as tiny as our earphones)

Sounds impressive right? In just 40 years, the technology by which we consume audio has completely evolved.

Earlier, we had to choose from a handful of songs on cassettes, but today we have access to unlimited songs on the internet. So it is right to say that audio consumption is more convenient and cheaper than ever today.

Since the audio technology is more convenient, it has opened doors for multisensory marketing. Marketers today have more ways in which they can influence people, especially when it comes to in-store marketing or retail marketing.

And in this article, we’re going to talk about In store Audio Marketing and why it’s important.

Why Instore Audio Marketing is the need of the hour for retailers?

Why Instore Audio Marketing is the need of the hour for retailers?

We all know that the biggest threat to retail stores is the rise of ecommerce and mobile shopping. In the age of e-commerce, retail businesses are struggling to provide value to people. It’s hard for a retailer to beat the convenience which mobile shopping provides to the customers.

Today, we also know that traditional ways of marketing are not enough to keep the wheels of retail business spinning. They are becoming absolutely obsolete!

Banners, festive deals, lucrative discounts and great offers…retail stores just can’t rely on these anymore. Their competing e-commerce portals are filled with offers and discounts and provide a better value to customers. So what can be done? Instore marketing game can be improved.

Since Instore Audio advertisement is a form of multisensory marketing, it can enable retail stores to trigger response from people. And the fact that audio technology has become so convenient, every store must invest in it.

Here’s why.

Enhanced brand recognition

Enhanced brand recognition

Just like visual branding, audio branding has also become relevant in today’s time. And for audio branding, there’s no better tool than an Instore radio. Retail stores can get their own branded radio from a music management company like Ooka, and customize it according to their needs.

Having an instore radio can elevate customer’s in store experience like none other. It can build recognition for the brand in the minds of people over time with minimum effort.

Brands with multiple retail outlets can use audio branding for creating a seamless experience for customers. No matter which store people walk into, the distinct audio should remind people of their brand. Isn’t it amazing?

The perks of having your own branded radio

Instore radio is an innovative and modern solution for managing audio inside retail stores. It can help retail store owners in many ways:

Personalized Jingles & Music

When you have your own instore radio, you can enjoy the liberty of playing your own jingles and music. You don’t have to rely on the mercy of public radios or internet sites to play music. There can be separate playlists for separate time and occasions to maximize the impact of music.

Amplifying Offers

With an instore radio, amplifying offers will be easier than ever. You can make announcements at any time you want and let people know about the offers you’re running. And the best thing is that these announcements can be made in a fun and creative way with an instore radio.

High Quality & Legal Music

Do you know that playing music straight out of the internet can get you into legal trouble? With an instore radio, legal hassles are eliminated forever. You can play high quality legal music because your music management company is paying royalties to the artists.

Retailers, it’s time to make a switch

From traditional ways of marketing to smart ways of marketing – it’s time for you to make a switch. Otherwise, you will be left behind in the age of mobile shopping. A branded radio will not only improve the atmosphere within the store but it will also your credibility among people.

But that’s not the only reason why you should make the switch from traditional marketing to modern marketing. A smart solution like instore radio can also increase the purchase ticket size of the customers. Find more about it here

So are you ready to step up your instore marketing? If yes, Ooka Radio is the music management company you need for a branded radio. We’ve equipped 3000+ stores with Instore radio in 380+ cities across India.

Contact today for getting started with your own radio!

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