Now Shatabdi and Vande Bharat trains will not be bored, Railways made arrangements for entertainment

Indian Railways: With the introduction of radio service in Vande Bharat and Shatabdi trains, the objective of the Railways is to provide a pleasant journey and experience to every passenger.

  • There is big news for the passengers traveling by train.
  • With this move, the Railways can get an annual revenue of Rs 43.20 lakh.
  • Railways is planning to introduce radio entertainment in more trains in future

Indian Railways: Lakhs of people travel daily by trains in India. Keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers, Indian Railways keeps on making announcements every day. Now special service is starting for those traveling in Shatabdi train and Vande Bharat Express trains. Rail passengers will be able to enjoy radio and music during their train journey.

Passengers will get convenience in total 12 trains
Railways is starting radio entertainment service in 10 Shatabdi Express trains and 2 Vande Bharat trains. Now as travelers travel to Delhi, Lucknow, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ajmer, Dehradun, Kanpur, Varanasi, Katra and Kathgodam, they will be greeted by Shatabdi or Vande Bharat Radio Sangeet.

According to Indian Railways, Northern Railway has entered into a contract to provide complete entertainment to the passengers in trains and an experience about the cities traveling through radio service in all Shatabdi and Vande Bharat trains of Delhi Division. has provided.

The partnership with Ooka Radio will usher 
in a new kind of entertainment and fun with the musical experience and RJ Entertainment in trains through the Northern Railway Passengers Address System. For this, Northern Railway has partnered with Ooka Radio, an in-door entertainment company.

According to the entertainment company, Uka Shatabdi Radio will play music or songs in patterns adapted to the cities and climates of the traveler. Uka Shatabdi Radio will play music in all sections.

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