7 Proven Ways to Promote Your Music in 2020

Though there are multiple times when you hear about the strategies that can be used to promote your music here you will find the marketing strategies that are sure to hit the bullseye. Marketing is an essential part if you are on the way to promote your music And, here are a few strategies that you can implement to promote your music online plus they actually work.

1. Get in touch with businesses

 Rather than spending all your time reaching out to the fan base individually, you need to work on interacting more with the businesses like event handlers, radio channels, music management company, and also the musicians or DJs that are more established and famous.

2. Spend More Time Performing Than On Social Media

Though social media is the booming trend in the current scenario of the world, the artist needs to perform more in order to gain a solid and extensive fanbase. If you are an emerging artist spend more time performing at the events or organizing gigs.

3.  Upload to All Streaming Sites

Streaming services now contribute over 50% of industry revenue worldwide, consistent with a recent industry report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Over the last two years, the recorded music industry has grown for the primary time since its Napster-induced decimation over 15 years ago. Last year, it grew at its highest rate since 1997: 5.9% to $15.7 billion.

4. Build a mailing list

A Mailing list is basically a program that Collects your fan’s email so that you can email then when you have something to show them like a new song or tour date.

5. Work closely with a publicist

One should always be in touch with a good publicist who can help you with press releases, as press releases can boost up your search engine optimization while getting you to the audience which is targeted.

6. Promote your music

Searching for a platform to become a famous singer is the best way to promote your music Then here is your rebuttal, connect with OOKA Radio to get a platform which makes the budding artist gain popularity and promote their music over online platforms.

7. YouTube

Learn the best ways to promote your music on YouTube in 2020. Our tips will help you get more views and get the recognition you always.


We all know how tough it is to promote your music nowadays.

The two main things to keep in mind, regardless of the promotion method is to stay consistent and produce quality.

Obviously when you start it’s going to be horrible, but by putting yourself on a schedule, you’ll get better not only at making music, but also at promoting your music.

Let me know in the comments any cool ways you have done or seen someone else do to promote your music?

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